En Primeur

Introduction My off-the-cuff engagement at the meaning behind ‘En Primeur’ was set forth by my love of film. A blockbuster premier is as star-studded as it gets. I have drawn somewhat of a parallel to movie Premiers and the ‘En Primeur’ in question. I will deem to roll out, the frequently questioned and controversial, red […]

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Happy PISCO SOUR Day ! ! !

Pisco Makes You Dance! Which cocktail do you think deserves a public holiday in its name? On the first Saturday of every February the people of Peru celebrate the Pisco Sour. Officially declared the national drink of Peru; no one holds back. It is a day for making the biggest and the greatest. Luckily for […]

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The 24 Hour Wine Expert

  The heavens have answered and the secret has been found on how to make water into wine!  Ok….well close but not quite. Jancis Robinson has published a book that promises to enlighten the masses in 24 hours. Everyone has questions about wine. In fact to tell you the truth I think there is only […]

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Introducing the Barrique Cold Smoker

Sundays are for Smokin’ Cold-smoked products are held in an unheated chamber through which smoke is pumped (the smoke originating from an external firebox). While traditional hot and cold smoking used to be limited to proteins, contemporary chefs are experimenting with the technique in innovative ways. Portland Bartenders are using hot-smokes for ice, then refreezing it […]

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Stiggy Pop Ribs

STIGGY POP PORK RIBS It is finally summer in Auckland! When you spend all day on the beach you don’t feel like cooking when dinner time is nigh. So my Mr Hobbs slow cooker is my sous chef and cooks up a storm while we’re gone.   On the menu today is slow cooked pork […]

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Champagne and Burgundy win World Heritage Status

On Sunday, a big celebration followed after Unesco announced on Saturday that Champagne and Burgundy are now World Heritage sites. Unesco defines cultural landscapes as : ‘Combined works of nature and humankind, they express a long and intimate relationship between peoples and their natural environment’. Coteaux, Maisons et Caves de Champagne (‘Vineyard slopes, Champagne Houses […]

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